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Bark Blaster

BarkBlaster is a sound-activated system with a beeper and spray function to help train your dog to bark less. It's unique shape as a fire hydrant allows the unit to blend in perfectly with any yard.


The BarkBlaster is simply the best humane anti-bark dog training tool on the market. Whether you're looking for a humane bark shock collar alternative, or a multi-dog training solution, you'll love the BarkBlaster.

It's Programmable. A bark collar will discipline your dog on the first bark every time. You can adjust BarkBlaster to allow for a set number of consecutive barks before discipline,  allowing your dog to alert you with conservative barking. These adjustments can be made from anywhere via the Apple or Android app.

It's Effective AND Humane. Consistency is key when training dogs. BarkBlaster will maintain accountability even while you're away. Water is an incredibly effective discipline tool without the unnecessary pain of a shock collar. Equally as important, dogs associate the beeper with the unpleasant spray of water almost immediately. This will allow you to disconnect the device from water during freezing conditions and still control barking.

It's Multi-Dog. Barkblaster can handle multiple kennels at once if needed, saving you money.

So how does it work? Bark, Beep, Blast. It's that simple! BarkBlaster responds to barking dogs with an audible beep, followed by a spray of water. One BarkBlaster unit is capable of training multiple dog kennels at once.

Setup is simple. With 8 D batteries, your existing water supply, and a garden hose, the BarkBlaster is ready to train in minutes. With easy-to-useAndroid and IOS apps, you can customize settings or control the unit remotely.

The BarkBlaster can also function as a lawn sprinkler! Use our product to water your lawn on hot summer days from the comfort of your homevia the BarkBlaster app.

We love BarkBlaster because it's humane and effective. It's the best shock-collar alternative on the market today. We know you'll love it, too!

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  Thursday, May 07 2020 at 08:03 AM MDT IP Logged
Author: Brad Cullinan

I was surprised how quickly the hounds responded, by becoming quiet. Up to the point of using Bark blaster, I was using bark limiter collars, and they work fine, but I could see how the dogs would react negatively as they couldn't understand fully, what was attacking them. They would bark in a painful manner. Now, after they get a harmless blast of water, they stop and look and wonder what just happened? I just realized that there is an app that goes with, so I will try that out, and am pleased that there exists an app. Bottom line, no more excessive barking, either from when they see you coming with their dinner, or if they want let out of their kennels, which I frequently do, whenever I can, by the way.

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