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Helpful Tips for Recharging Your Hunting Dog

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Helpful Tips for Recharging Your Hunting Dog

If you are a hunter, there’s a good chance you are more mobile today than you have ever been in the past. Chances are, you don’t think twice about loading up all your hunting dogs and taking them on the road to a new and exciting location.

While these extended trips are the perfect opportunity to make some great memories, it is important that you remember your canine hunting companions need a chance to recharge from time to time. Some tips you can use to help your dog’s recharge can be found here.

Make Sure They are Well Hydrated

Did you know that proper hydration can help to speed up recovery time more than any other factor? Similar to people, a dog’s body is made up of about 70 percent water, which is necessary for certain functions such s flushing toxins, regulating body temperature, and taking nutrients to any fatigued muscles.

However, unlike people, a dog’s average body temperature is 102 degrees, which makes proper hydration even more important. When you are traveling to new areas to hunt, make sure you keep plenty of extra water with you.

Also, to ensure your dog’s recover as quickly as possible, make sure to give your dogs water as soon as you return from a hunt. The only time you shouldn’t do this is if your dog goes straight to the water dish and drinks it all until it is gone. If a dog gulps down too much water, it can cause stomach issues.

Give Your Dog a Once-Over

When in the woods, your dog can encounter an array of issues such as cockleburs, thistles, barbed wire, and brush. Their fur may also mask some injuries. This is why you need to give your dog a pat down with your hands to find if there are any irregularities. Take the time to go over every inch of the dog’s body.

Take Some Time to Play   

Even dogs can suffer mental fatigue. This is often an issue for working dogs who are performing over longer periods of time, which can result in impaired focus and bad behaviors.

You should make sure to make a habit of playing with your hunting dogs to give them stimulation without the stress of having to perform. You can even provide them with a chew toy or bone. By playing with your dogs regularly, you are also going to form a stronger bond with your dogs, which is going to be beneficial when hunting.

Keeping Your Dogs Happy and Healthy

Remember, your dog’s metabolism will work much faster than a person. You need to make sure they are eating, drinking, and resting well to remain healthy.

While this may seem like common sense, it’s easy to overlook these recommendations after a long day of hunting. The most important thing you can do is to establish a routine with your dogs and always stick to it. This is going to ensure your dogs know what to expect and that they won’t suffer any of the issues mentioned above.

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Garmin DriveTrack70

Bruce Conkey on 10/31/2016 @ 12:17pm

The Garmin DriveTrack70 is simply amazing.  Track your dogs on large 7" screen that not only helps you keep up with your dogs but is a full navagation system.  

I want to Thank Cody for doing this video for us.

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Boss Hotspot 3D SE Caplight

Bruce Conkey on 10/31/2016 @ 11:37am

The Boss Hostspot 3D SE Caplight in the Black Bump Cap or Soft Cap with Liner.  This light comes with a very bright main beam that is a warm white (tinted) color.  This color is excellent for seeing fur in a tree and doesn't white out the fur like the bright white does.  It also has two smaller LED's.  The best seller is the red and flooded white combo.  The red is used for finding the coon while the flooded white is an excellent walk light.  All lights also have a laser for pointing out the coon in the tree.  

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Garmin HuntView Birdseye Mapping Plus More! $79.99

Bruce Conkey on 12/20/2016 @ 1:07pm

Garmin as came out with exciting new mapping for the Outdoorsman.  It is called Garmin HuntView Map's and it is State by State mapping of the US.  Each State is downloaded on one SD Card with the exception of California and Texas. Due to the size of those states the mapping required 2 SD cards. The split in those two States have an overlap area so no information is loss. The great news is the cards are loaded with quality definition Birdseye Satellite Imagery. No more trying to figure our where your going to hunt and having to download areas off the computer.  The mapping also include 1:24k scale TOPO mappng and other map data that is collected from multiple sources, providing full state-by-state coverage with routable road and trail data, public/private land types and boundaries (BLM, National wildlife refuges, National parks, WPA, WMA), food/fuel locations and more. Included BaseCamp™ software lets you interface your computer with your handheld device to plan your hunt, transfer waypoints, and even keep a track log so you can return to the best hunting spots or share the adventure online.

Garmins Statement on HuntView Maps  “We are excited to offer our hunting consumers an easy solution to ensure safe and legal hunts,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “By simply inserting the Hunt View Maps microSD card into the units, Hunters can easily access the data they need without dealing with extra downloads, discs or even a computer.”

Compatible with:

  • Alpha 100
  • Astro 320
  • Astro 430
  • eTrex 20x
  • eTrex 30x
  • eTrex Touch 25
  • eTrex Touch 35
  • eTrex Touch 35t
  • DriveTrack 70 LMT
  • GPSMAP64
  • GPSMAP64s
  • GPSMAP64st
  • GPSMAP78s
  • GPSMAP78sc
  • Montana 610
  • Montana 610t
  • Montana 680
  • Montana 680t
  • Oregon 600
  • Oregon 600t

We received our new States.

We are stocking the following States 




Cal. North

Cal. South

North Carolina

South Carolina














East Texas

West Texas


West VA


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New Garmin Delta Smart

Bruce Conkey on 9/28/2016 @ 12:37pm

Not to be confused with the Delta or Delta Sport Training System, Garmin has come out with the Delta Smart.  This is an exciting new system that uses a Phone App along with a Training Collar and Keep Away Tags to help moniter your pet's activities along with keeping your pet in safe areas and under control.  I will attach several videos so you can see how exciting this system is.  These systems have started to ship and will be available October 1st. 

Delta Smart Getting Started

Delta Smart Keep Away Tags

Delta Smart Canine Activity Monitering

Delta Smart Training Your Dog

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