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The following comments were taken off the UKC Message board in March 2012, which is a public forum. They are greatly appreciated!!

DROPTINE I just want to give my two cents worth now Bruce will always get my business and I HIGHLY recomend him to EVERYONE
Tardawg Bruce is one of the BEST!!!
Josh Farnsworth Bruce is second to none in customer service. That is what makes his company stand out.
old ben ok tyler lol bruce has been alot of help to me as well hats off to ya bruce need more people willing to step up to the plate
Tyler Vaden Guys you have let the cat out of the bag. Whats next you guys going to let everybody know about Boss Lights.
GA DAWG He's a good- un... I can order from him and it beats all how fast my stuff gets here.
scott spivey I work at a Lexus dealership and Bruce has given me Lexus type service in my Garmin purchase experience. Example- I bought a 2 dog system from Bruce about a month ago and one of the collars wasn't picking up as well as the other. I give Bruce a call and he says "I'll send you a new antenna and if that does not fix it, I'll replace the collar." No questions asked. Two days later I get the new antenna but, unfortunately it did not fix the problem. I called back and spoke to one of his employees and explained what Bruce and I had discussed earlier. My new collar is on the way. I tell any and everybody if you need a Garmin do not go any further than Bruce Conkey. He will treat right. You may be able to buy one cheaper somewhere else, but I can tell you from experience the way he took care of me was well worth the little extra I paid.
SWAMP GHOST I agree 100%. Bruce is always ready to help.
Ben Moss I agree. Bruce has always been great to purchase from
Jason Mullins I will second that! great guy to deal with!
H. L. Meyer I know all us hunters have a vendor we like and that is great. Now let me say a little about Mr. Conkey he has not made enough MONEY off me to pay his electric bill this month, I bought a Garmin last year from him and that is about all. So this weekend this computer genius that I am was fooling with the Garmin got it ALL messed up and could not find NOTHING on it, just got off the phone with Mr. Conkey he treated me as if I was his only customer walked me through and now it is working good. Thanks Bruce for all your help. ps Bruce Conkey's customer service reminds me of dealing with WOW some time back.